Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Venice Italy

The Program: The Program focuses on the influence of environmental factors on the immune system and includes an introductory section covering the basics of the immune system/immune response (innate immunity, adaptive immunity, B cell responses, T cell responses, hypersensitivity reactions). It then discusses how immune responses are modulated by environmental pollutants and the causal links between exposure and immunomodulation, including the corresponding basic molecular mechanisms. In Venice, lectures given by faculty members from the Department of Environmental Sciences at Ca' FoscariUniversity, will cover several environmental issues, including global warming and specific soil and water pollutants. Field trips set up to collect samples (which will be analyzed in the lab by the students) and visit different sites to observe and discuss novel methods for cleaning up pollutants will complete the hands-on environmental aspects of the course.
See the Program Brochure for more details.
Application Deadline: March 10, 2010   Apply to this program
Eligibility: The program is open to undergraduate and graduate students from Georgia State University and other universities and colleges. There are no prerequisites for this course. Non-biology majors are also welcome .
Courses and Credit: Students will earn 4 credit hours. Students should register for  BIOL4930/BIOL4930H/BIOL6930.
Accommodations: Participants will stay in a small, charming hotel in Venice.
Costs: Program fee of $2,400*; tuition for 4 credit hours, please see Tuition Rates; and mandatory student fees (only the BOR Institutional fee and Technology fee).
*Program fee includes
- accommodations
- daily breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekdays
- ground transportation
- some cultural activities
- international medical insurance

**Program fee does NOT include
- passport fees
- round-trip airfare
- additional meals
- personal expenses

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