Friday, May 20, 2011

Granada, Spain Niece View

Granada, Spain

In Spain you can not just lie on the beach in the hot summer, but anyways a better place for a Christmas tale than city of Granada, it is difficult to think. Towering in the distance snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada, where there is a great ski resort, and the magical and majestic Alhambra Palace very close to creating the most appropriate atmosphere for the holiday. Here you can wander through the cozy, typically Spanish, streets, or get lost in the winding alleyways of the Muslim quarter Albasin. I always pause in the city until January 5, when the Spaniards celebrate El día de los Reyes, Three Kings Day. The festive atmosphere will be felt even during the breakfast, which in this day traditionally consists of strewn pieces of fruit pudding and a cup of thick hot chocolate. We can meet Santa Claus in this day is impossible, but you can admire the fantastic royal parade – a miniature carnival with a merry costumed procession and scattered the crowd of sweets and candies.

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