Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Venice Italy Pictures

Venice Italy Pictures
As you drive the road over to Venice Italy a whole new world opens up.
Venice Italy Pictures - Canals
No cars are allowed in the city and the fastest way to go between places has to be by boat on the canals that are obviously the blood veins of Venice. No wonder it is often called "City of Canals".
Sun is getting low and I try and make the best of it. Only a couple of hours until the light is gone and all photo opportunity is gone.
Venice Italy Pictures - Tourist shop
Venice is highly targeted to foreign visitors. Numerous shops with traditional theater masks and other more traditional tourist memorabilia.

Venice Italy Pictures - Low sun
With almost 300 thousand people living in the City - actually living in all the aging buildings and surrounded by history - it sure sounds like an exotic place.
Venice Italy Pictures - Bridge
Venice is a quiet and beautiful city...
Venice Italy Pictures - Amazing display
...and many of the shops have so amazing displays. I easily feel like stepping back in time or into a movie.

Venice Italy Pictures - Gondola
Gondolas are still used - now mostly by romantic couples and other tourists.
Venice Italy Pictures - The Grand Canal
The Grand Canal with the church Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute.
Venice Italy Pictures - Typical entrance
A typical entrance to a Venetian house with friendly brick walls and iron railings and the aging door.

Venice Italy Pictures - Masks
Masks of all colors and forms. They are hand painted and in some cases handmade and are traditionally used for the Carnival of Venice but are also a great attraction for visitors. I bought one to take home and I can tell you it is not the easiest object to take on a plane.
Venice Italy Pictures - San Marco
San Marco or St. Marks Basilica is the most famous of the churches is Venice. Raised almost 1000 years ago in the magnificent Byzantine style and with decorations in pure gold it is no wonder people come to see it.
Venice Italy Pictures - San Marko - detail
Details of San Marco.

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ljvan46 said...

Thank you for these photos and narrative! I'm in love with Venice and would so love to go there someday!


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