Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rising City The Tokyo

the tokyo
tokyo night views
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tokyo city

World Nice Place Australia

Australia is a land with strange creatures and remarkable natural resources.
australia map

Australia is a land of wonder where visitors can explore the wilderness of the continent and dive into the magical splendor of the great barrier reef. Canberra, the capital, and Sydney are the biggest cities in New South Wales which is Australia's most populous and oldest state. New South Wales is also the location of the picturesque Blue Mountains.

Sydney Skyline

Sydney is a beautiful modern city with approximately 4.4 million inhabitants, a rich history, a dynamic way of life, and world-famous tourist attractions waiting to be explored. The Opera House and the Harbour Bridge are landmarks of international renown. The Sydney Opera House with its distinctive architecture is open for tours daily. Walking paths lead toward the city center through the Royal Botanic Gardens which are open from sunrise to sunset. The gardens feature an attractive collection of plants, beautiful paths, places to picnic, as well as a restaurant. The Sydney Harbour Bridge links the center to the suburbs and carries eight lanes of road traffic and two railway tracks. The bridge has a challenging pedestrian climb over the arch at 134 meters above sea level. The Sydney Aquarium is one of the world's best. It has over 150 meters of clear tunnels that enable visitors to see fish swimming around and overhead. Native Australian species, such as the platypus, are displayed. The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences in Sydney features the historic Sydney Observatory and the Powerhouse Museum which has a diverse collection of decorative arts, science, transport, computer technology, and space technology.

australia night view
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Visit To Amazing Dubai

Dubai, a province of the United Arab Emirates, has been described as the ideal dream world of neo-liberalism, the place where capitalism is allowed to flourish without the least impediment by government regulation. Those who celebrate corporate capitalism certainly love Dubai, and wish the rest of the world could follow its example.

Take Donna Wiesner Keene, a fellow of the Independent Women’s Forum, a rightwing anti-feminist think tank. Recently in a letter to the New York Times she wrote: “Madrick’s statement, quoted by the reviewer, that ‘there really is no example of small government among rich nations,’ is unsupported nonsense. Think Dubai, free and rich.”
the dubai
dubai city
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