Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Alaska House the world beautiful house

HousesWe decided to take a drive out to the Palmer/Wasilla area, because there
are some REALLY nice houses out there for much lower prices than the
Eagle River area. Amy has been showing a model home built by Hall Homes,
which apparently does some pretty good quality work. Brian Fredericks, our
friend and co-worker from Tyndall bought a nice Hall home in Palmer. The model
home is gorgeous! The yard is huge, about 1/2 acre, and there's a creek across the
back. That house was listed for $252k, which we could easily afford. We were
almost ready to put an offer in on it, until we drove back to the hotel. It
took us 25 minutes just to get to Eagle River, so add another 30 minutes
to Heather's work. That was in good weather. I can't even imagine how
long it would take to get to work on bad days, like this morning when it
got icy, and it took about an hour just to get to work from Eagle River.
So here's a pic of the beautiful house we had to turn down because it's
just too far from base. Being new construction, I think the value will go
up considerably once the subdivision is paved and landscaped.

Alaska House

Alaska House
Alaska House

Alaska House

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