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The cruising season for Alaska cruises starts in April and runs through September. Cheap Alaska cruises can be found by searching for your cruise during the least busy times, which are at the beginning and end of the season. June, July and August are the busiest cruise season and will be the most difficult time to find discount Alaska cruises. Try searching for cheap Alaska cruises during April and during the last few weeks of the season in September, when many travelers may not realize that cruises are still available and many cruise companies offer deals to fill up their last few cruise trips of the season.

Alaska cruise deals can be found on small cruise ships, but are more likely on the larger ships. While cheap Alaska cruises on smaller ships can be found (usually about a 10 – 15% discount off of the highest prices), larger cruise companies sometimes offer discounts of up to 25 or 30%. Due to their larger size, these cruise companies often are able to offer lower prices on discount Alaska cruises.

Alaska Beautifull Place
Alaska ShipTravelers can also search for cheap Alaska cruises by booking Alaska cruise packages. An almost endless number of separate activities (generally not included in cruise prices) can be booked in the towns and ports of Alaska. Wildlife tours, whale watching tours, whitewater rafting, fishing trips and other historical walking tours through towns like Anchorage can be booked with your cruise price. If you plan to fly into the town your ship leaves from (usually Anchorage, Seattle or Vancouver), you can also package your flight with your cruise ship price. Often by booking all of these travel amenities together, companies will offer a discounted price overall.
Alaska White Ship
Alaska Rock PicterLast minute Alaska cruise deals are yet another way to find cheaper cruises. You can sometimes find 7-night cruises for as low as $599 per person by searching for last minute deals on ships that are about to leave but still have a few empty rooms. If your travel plans are somewhat flexible, try searching for last minute deals. Early booking discounts are also offered by Holland, Cruise America and other major Alaska cruise carriers. They do not offer discounts off of the bottom line prices for early booking, rather, they offer luxury and ocean-view rooms at a discounted cost (usually for the same price as a standard room). As with regularly priced cruises, all cruise trips include breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Alaska River Pic
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