Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Radical New Discovery - Egypt - Pyramids!!!

Radical New Discovery - Egypt - Pyramids!!!

Gregory Volz Northwest UFO Chasers - Pyramid combines Salt, Water and Creates Bubble Reaction, HUGE BATTERY, Taps power and ejects LIGHT @ ORION's Belt. Pyramid is Giant Hydrogen Powered Battery + Wireless Transfer of Electric Power Through Quartz Crystal Obelisks.

Batteries (Pyramids) were built all over the planet to eject light into night sky. in and around the Stonehenge location has giant batteries too!

The layout of Stonehenge points to ORIONS belt and the Pleiades to try and make contact with our Alien Intelligent Fore Fathers who genetically modified Australopythicus which ultimately developed into Atlantis at its center of land mass. The golden age of the world stretched from Atlantis to the Dalai Llama through east India, as far south as Antarctica, as far east as Easter Island, As far North as North Canada. They had flight, they had diamond tipped stone cutters second to none. The had Harmonic Resonation High Frequency balancers that could instantaneously heal the human body! Northwest UFO Chasers

This is a MUST WATCH -
Pyramid Code - Carmen Boulter PhD - Alien Intelligent Contact from ORION'S Belt

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