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Banff National Park

Banff National Park Alberta Canada
Banff National Park Alberta Canada
Alberta is a province in Canada with a continental climate. This makes for warm, sunny summers and cold, snowy winters; the perfect conditions for outdoor recreation! This region offers thrill seekers a fun, but dangerous, opportunity to test their fitness, and gives others a great way to spend vacation with the family, or just enjoy the glory of nature! A classic vacation spot in the province is Banff National Park. Banff was the first national park to be established in Canada over 120 years ago. It rests in the Rocky Mountains, preserving a small section of this sprawling mountain range. Actually, small may be the wrong word to describe this area, as it covers over 2,500 square miles of diverse landscape.
Known in particular for its mountainous horizon line, Banff National Park has a number of other natural sights to enjoy during a visit. Numerous glaciers can be seen within its boundaries, as well as a number of glittering ice fields that are sure to dazzle the eye.
Many of the glaciers and ice fields located here are being studied by researchers because of their connection to ancient history. With sediments ranging back millions of years contained in their surfaces it is truly like taking a peek into history.
There are also numerous lakes and forests here, proving the diversity of these beautiful lands. Lake Louise is a popular destination spot as it houses the Chateau Lake Louise. The Chateau Lake Louise is a majestic castle that overlooks the lake, surrounded by lush forest on all sides.
Popular mountain adventures include an expedition to Mount Louis. This unfriendly rock is clothed with rugged slopes, speckled with sharp edges and jagged deformities. This could be a mountain climber’s dream come true, while hikers may want to stick to the trails.
There are a number of winter sports offered here, and Banff has even been nominated on multiple occasions as a hosting spot for the Winter Olympics. This gives you an idea of how large the area it is, as well as all of the possible activities that can be done here.
Located within Banff National Park is the town of Banff, now incorporated as a town of Alberta, which acts as its commercial center. There are many opportunities to enjoy the culture of the region here, including two museums and several art galleries. You can also visit the Cave and Basin National Historic Site to learn more about the park’s history.

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