Friday, December 4, 2009

Burj Dubai Info and Burj Dubai pictures

The king of dreams Sheikh Mo, have a vision to transform Dubai (with a population of only 240 000 lucky people) into an Arab and Muslim superpower.

Contrasting Norwegians oil wealth, which is discreetly hidden away, for no one to see. The Muslim-Arab ethnicitas recognise the true value of money, its potential to turn the world into an oasis of beauty More is more and the sky`s no limit…

Burj Dubai, a magnificent tower which will rise from the desert sand by the end of 2008:


The Dubai Towers, an imitation of a candlelight flame, too romantic


And one must not forget, the good old Palm islands

palm island

Burj Dubai skyscraperBurj Dubai
Burj DubaiBurj Dubai
Burj Dubai

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